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What your go-to shoe says about you

Molly Longman

Molly Longman

Adult Learning Editor, IDP Connect

First published on April 24,2018 Amended on April 24,2018

Here on the Floodlight editorial desk it’s safe to say, we make shoe contact before eye contact. Give us the right pair of shoes and we will take over the world (or at least feel like we can). To give you some inspiration, we asked Molly, our fashion-savvy intern, to tell us just what our favourite shoes say to the rest of the office. If this doesn’t inspire you to join her on a fashion course, we don’t know what will.


What you chose to slip on your feet when you head out the door says a lot more than one might think. Anyone who knows fashion will tell you that what you wear is the ultimate form of self-expression, and can tell the trained eye loads of information about an individual. Here’s a short, fun chart to help you figure out what kind of person you are (if you don’t already know) based on your go-to pair of shoes.


Flip flops

Image via runnersworld.com


Free spirits, with love for adventure and an affinity for travel. It takes a lot to get to people who proudly flaunt flops year-round. These people do better in creative careers and thrive on good vibes. They’re easy-going, and tend to be a bit overly-affectionate.



Image via lovethispic.com


Sensible, but stylish. These two words are the perfect fit for the feet and personality of those who constantly are wedging out. These people are pragmatic, posh, and always tell the truth. They drink Pimms at least four days a week in the summer and are loyal friends.



Image via wikipedia.org


These people are either teenage girls in America, Australians, or make their home in a Tundra. Chances are all of these people are wearing yoga pants right now.


Dr. Martins

Image via pinterest


Edgy, but practical. These people are go-getters, who know exactly what they want, when they want it, and aren’t’ afraid to say so. They make great bosses, and, not unlike their choice of footwear, will make a statement wherever they go.



Image via wordpress.com


These people are extremely classy and confident – there’s no stopping them when they put their mind to something. They tend to thrive in an office environment – especially if they’re pacing an office with the word CEO on the door. These people are extremely strong and driven, but tend to be a bit high maintenance.


Wellington Boots

Image via pinterest


Probably British.



Image via blog.trashness.com


We all know a classic moccasin man; someone who’s a little lazy, but so sweet that no one could ever say a bad word about them. These people aren’t going too far in life, but they’re perfectly okay with it. They take the days as they come, and enjoy them to the fullest.

(Another possibility: they are your grandfather)


Cowboy boots

Image via wordpress.com


These people are bold, outgoing spitfires. They care very little what others think, and are the life of most any party. They have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and are driven people; however, they tend to have a hard time focusing on one path for a long period of time, so have trouble settling into a career. Most of these people are Americans.


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Molly Longman

Molly Longman

Adult Learning Editor, IDP Connect

Molly is a student at London College of Fashion, and is our current editorial intern. Her passions lie in writing, running, and eating peanut butter straight from the jar. She loves to learn (almost as much as she loves her dog), so she’s devoted to providing you with the best information on courses to help you become a better you.

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