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The London Piano Institute

World-class piano lessons for adults in the City of London. Join a course at any time during the year. No prior experience needed. Join today!


The London Piano Institute - Your Adult Piano School in London:

A brief introduction just for you:

Located in the City of London and founded in 2011 by master pianist Celine Gaurier-Joubert,, The London Piano Institute provides top-notch private piano instruction in both group and individual formats.

The London Piano Institute is specifically designed to teach adults how to learn and play the piano.

Adults from all backgrounds including lawyers, hedge fund managers, brokers, accountants, investment bankers, barristers, judges, chefs, restaurateurs, property investors, diplomats, engineers, business strategists, film producers, photographers, copywriters, artists, writers, solicitors, publishers, pilots, doctors, engineers and from many more professions attends weekly piano instruction in the art playing the piano.

The London Piano Institute is simply an amazing platform where adults can learn and express themselves in a non-judgemental atmosphere.

In addition to weekly lessons, motivation and great encouragement are provided to each student.

Absolutely no prior experience is required to join most of our courses.

We provide piano lessons in most styles including classical, jazz, blues, rock and pop.

We also cater for graded examinations and always makes sure that our students are well prepared for the exams.

In addition to excellent quality piano instruction, quarterly student concerts are arranged to help all our students thrive in their learning.

We also have a dedicated Facebook page with all our concert and events. You can see the Facebook page.

Our Ethos

We firmly believe that YOU as an adult are talented, and you can learn how to play the piano. We also firmly believe that you need a solid foundation, and that is why we always make absolutely sure that you learn using the correct habits from day one.

We believe you need a private piano mentor to make absolutely sure that you are on the right path. We take the greatest care to make sure that you develop the correct technique during each and every lesson you take with us.

Piano courses for adults

  • We offer a variety of piano courses specifically designed for adult learners.
  • You can study with us on a one-to-one basis or in a group setting.
  • Our aim is always to provide you with the highest quality.
  • It is our greatest desire to see you improve in leaps and bounds.
  • You can either study with our master instructor – Celine Gaurier-Joubert or with one of her assistant instructors.
  • Celine Gaurier-Joubert has over 35,000 hours of piano experience! (And counting)
  • You can be assured of the highest quality piano instruction. She is definitely the best choice if you want to seriously develop your classical piano playing!

 We offer the following dedicated piano courses for adults in London:

You can also studying in the following formats:

Master Pianist Celine Gaurier-Joubert - providing a platform for adults to learn.

The London Piano Institute is the piano educational magnum opus of master pianist Celine Gaurier-Joubert.

From a young age she was introduced to music by her parents both of whom are amateur musicians. Celine’s father Jacques is an amateur violinist, and Celine’s mother Martine an amateur cellist.

During her youth, they would organise garden parties in their country house and perform the most exquisite music for distinguished guests in France. It was during this time that Celine developed a deep passion for the adult amateur musician.

Recognising that adults are often neglected, she decided to open the London Piano Institute.

She opened it specifically with the idea of providing adults with a platform where they can express themselves in a non-judgemental and friendly environment.

The London Piano Institute is now a thriving environment where adults from all walks of life come together to learn music with the most outstanding instructors.

As one of our students explained: “You brought back the music – you brought back life… I felt lost without the music - Thank You so much!”

In addition to the weekly lessons that all adults receive, periodic student concert and events are arranged.

Social evenings including dinners in prestigious restaurants across London also take place on a regular basis.

Master Pianist Celine Gaurier-Joubert’s Musical Background

Celine Gaurier-Joubert attended the Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris for several years. During this time she studied with the world-renowned late Edson Elias. (Who won numerous international competitions – a true master of piano virtuosity.)

She gained exceptional skills from Edson Elias. In addition to her rigourous classical training, she also studied with Francois Weigel and Pascal Devoyon. During your time in Switzerland she discovered bits of jazz with Thierry Land. (He is a world-renowned recording artist and Switzerland’s most eminent jazz pianist)

She then settled down in London, and opened a wonderful music Institute specifically designed for adults.

Annual seminars

  • The London Piano Institute organise annual seminars in some of the most exotic locations on the planet.
  • In 2015, The London Piano Institute went on a piano seminar/holiday In Sun City, South Africa.
  • Students enjoyed outstanding seminars on a daily basis in addition to safaris, dining, swimming and socialising.
  • As one of the students described it: “it was literally a week in heaven!”
  • Current locations are being discussed – with Italy’s Tuscany being one of them for 2016. Watch this space!

World-class piano instruction for adults

  • One of the reasons why you should select us for your piano instruction in London, is the fact that we just simply do not cut corners.
  • We make 100% sure that you learn how to play using the correct technique from the very beginning.
  • It’s a proven fact that laying the foundation wrong would mean you need to relearn the piano at a later stage.
  • At the London Piano Institute we make sure that you learn using the correct methods.
  • Our instruction will make you a great pianist – of course on the condition that you practice and that you are willing to put in the time required to achieve your goal.
  • We also do not believe in rushing the process.
  • Great art takes time.
  • Becoming great takes time.
  • We are with you here each step of the way.
  • It is our deepest desire to help you become a great pianist and achieve your musical goals!

Group piano lessons

  • Our group piano tuition is simply outstanding.
  • You will learn in a small group, and be well catered for.
  • The environment is prestigious. The equipment is all in working order.
  • You can make all your piano dreams come true.
  • By learning the piano in a group setting, you will improve your ability to play with others.
  • You will also have the opportunity to listen to your fellow colleagues play a musical phrase
  • During that time you can then analyse the score.
  • There are many advantages to learning in a group.
  • It is slightly more economical.
  • But in addition to that, you get to socialise with like-minded friends of music!
  • It is true that a lot of group classes can be awkward to learn in.
  •  At the London piano Institute, you can be assured of receiving top-notch instruction in a group setting.

One-to-one piano lessons

  • If you want the most direct input into your piano playing, we recommend choosing our one-to-one course options.
  • In a one-to-one setting, you will receive outstanding input from an excellent instructor.
  • You will enjoy the highest quality piano instruction for adults in London.
  • You will seriously improve your playing.
  • You will make drastic changes.
  • In a short period of time.
  • You will learn secrets of playing the piano with world-class piano instructors.
  • Now you can finally become the pianists that you have always wanted to become.
  • You can choose between 30, 45, 60, 90 or 120 minutes per week.
  • The more time you dedicate the faster you will learn.
  • We always recommend investing more, especially in the early stages of learning.
  • Learning to play the piano requires tremendous practice, but with our motivation you should be practising as much as time allows.
  • For serious adult piano lessons in London, choose our one-to-one piano instruction.

Classical piano lessons

  • Celine Gaurier-Joubert is a master piano instructor and she will most certainly help you develop your classical piano playing.
  • Absolutely any level can join. If you want to study with Celine, generally a grade three or above is required. In addition, you will also need to practice on a daily basis.
  • Seriously improve your technique and abilities with master piano instructor Celine Gaurier-Joubert.
  • Enjoy rare secrets of piano playing and discover NEVER-SEEN-BEFORE methodologies specifically designed to take you forward in the fastest pace possible.
  • Become the pianists that you have always wanted to become.
  • Invest your time and finally reach your goals.
  • Simply the best adult classical piano instruction that you can find in London.

Jazz piano lessons

Have you always wanted to learn how to improvise?

Improvisation can seem like a mystery…. It does always need to be that way!

Discover the principles of jazz improvisation with master jazz musician Stefan Joubert!

Open up your eyes to the limitless possibilities on the piano.

Discover rare secrets:

  • Learn the Swiss army knife style of chord and arpeggio improvisation technique also known as superimposition.
  • Learn all chords on the piano in a fast and effective method.
  • Learn how to play blues and solo over chord changes.
  • Learn how to conquer the II V I chord progression.
  • Learn how to face your fears and perform in public.
  • Learn how to play across the entire piano.
  • Learn the secrets of arranging music.
  • Learn how to create your own chords using fourth voicings and melody notes.
  • Learn what a tri-tone is and how to use it. (In many scenarios!)
  • Learn the secrets of guide tones.

Finally become the jazz pianist that you have always dreamt of becoming.

Finally take hold of your goals and achieve all your boldest dreams.

Finally learn jazz in an adult friendly environment with an extremely friendly and competent instructor!

Jazz instruction is available in both a one-to-one and group setting.

Rock and pop piano lessons

  • Learn your favourite popular tunes in our dedicated rock and pop piano instruction.
  • Get to know how the chords of the diatonic scale work.
  • Discover the primary, secondary and tertiary chords.
  • Enjoy playing various chord progressions.
  • Learn how to create your own music.
  • You will also learn how to play the pentatonic scale throughout all twelve keys.
  • You will discover the secrets that rock and pop pianists have used throughout the ages.
  • You will discover the link between pop, rock and classical music.
  • You will discover why Mozart was the first pop musician! (Yes, he was similar to Michael Jackson!)
  • Your eyes will open to the infinite possibilities on the keys of piano.
  • You will receive exceptional motivation.
  • You will receive guidance from a dedicated instructor who genuinely cares for your playing!

Testimonials for your perusal

We have received outstanding reviews for our piano lessons.

You can simply view the testimonies on our website. They are both in written form and video.

Please view our piano lesson testimonies.



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Contact details

The London Piano Institute

132 Commercial Street (Visits STRICTLY by appointment only)
E1 6NQ

Tel: (0)20 7127 0717

Visit our Facebook page to find out more but what we offer - as well as to ask questions or to contact us.

You can do the same at our Twitter page. 

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