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Supported, Practical, Social Media and Digital Marketing unaccredited and accredited online training from Award winning expert training provider.


Concise Training have been teaching businesses and individuals to use social media and digital marketing since 2009.

Unaccredited Courses

We first created our short unaccredited e-learning courses in 2012 - updating them every six months (In January and July) since.  The courses have been taken by over 2,000 learners either through Concise Training directly or through our partners - Pitman Training Group, The Distance Learning Centre and Business Excellence International.

Purchasing a course directly from Concise Training has the added benefit of email support from the Concise Training team.  Although the courses are kept as up to date as possible, the nature of the sector involves daily changes to the channels.  Learners find the advantage of email support from the experts helps them put what they are learning into practice.

Once an unaccredited course is purchased, learners will be sent login details within 24 hours and have 60 days access to the course.

"This is a fantastic comprehensive course for anyone who is considering using social media to effectively market their business or boost their own personal online profile. The course itself is split into 8 digestible modules and Mary has added some brilliant sample documents to the resources tab which will enable you to successfully implement among other things a social media policy, a crisis management document, a content plan and an effective strategy checklist.

Accredited Qualifications

The MD of Concise Training, Mary Thomas, wrote the criteria and units for the Social Media and Digital Marketing qualifications for City & Guilds.  Purchasing the City & Guilds qualifications from Concise Training means you get your learning from 'the horse's mouth'!  Qualifications are available to learners world-wide and are taught using e-learning courses and webinars.  Assessment is via practical, assignments in which you apply what you have learnt.

We are proud that we get to know learners on our qualifications and can offer advice and guidance on the businesses they are working with - or the situation they are in.  It is not unusual for Mary to have an hour long conversation with a learner about their business and use of social media /digital marketing while she is walking her dog!  

All qualifications are available to purchase via a monthly payment plan to make it as easy as possible for learners to access.

"I chose this course because I wanted to learn the whys and hows of social media for business rather than just fiddling around with Facebook and hoping for the best, which is what I'd been doing to date! This course certainly delivers a lot of easy to digest and useful knowledge and that has helped me grow my own business via social media. Di and Mary were just amazing - always quick to respond when I had a query and very encouraging when I found it challenging. The learning material was well presented and easy to access. I highly recommend this course delivered by Concise Training!"

Our Values

It is very important to us that our training is practical and relevant to our learners.  We use many scenarios throughout our learning to illustrate the use of marketing theories and ways that social media / digital marketing can be applied.  We aim to give real information that you can immediately apply and we have seen applied in businesses that we are working with every day. (Our sister company Concise Digital does social media / digital marketing for businesses).

We offer unlimited support as we want you to succeed - you should never be concerned about contacting us for help either in the use of social media / digital marketing, to query something you have learnt or to clarify a question in your assignment.

Customer service is equally important to us and we endeavour to answer your queries as soon as possible and do everything we can to ensure you.

"Mary is always readily available to help you through - even after I completed the course and secured my first client at a freelancer! Thank you for all the help and support, I will keep in touch."

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