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Squared Online for Business - Certificate in Digital Marketing endorsed by the IAB and the IPA and accredited by the CPD



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What will I learn?

What is Squared Online?

Squared Online is the global award-winning digital marketing leadership course developed with Google and powered by AVADO to create digital business leaders and enable companies to upgrade their teams' digital capabilities.

Who is Squared Online for?

Squared Online is designed to help companies upgrade their digital capabilities, retain talent and bridge the digital skills gap.

Managers, executives, heads of department and senior directors across the world join to learn together and from each other online.

Agencies upskill their accounts and delivery teams to:

  • Tackle client briefs more effectively
  • Break down silos between accounts, delivery and digital teams

Leading brands upskill their marketing and product teams to:

  • Drive marketing effectiveness across digital channels
  • Share digital expertise across global teams

What will your team learn?

Developed with Google, Squared Online is the only digital marketing course that also develops leadership skills. The course is built around collaboration, solving real-world business challenges and learning by doing - so your team will immediately start applying in their job what they learn on the course. This is key for businesses looking to transform their digital capability.

How does Squared Online work?

Squared Online is made up of five modules and takes a total of five months to complete. Participants will need to set aside 4-6 hours a week, which will give them time to:

  • Attend their live class
  • Complete the online pre-and-post class activities, and submit individual assessments, group projects and group feedback on time

How do businesses benefit?

Squared Online graduates have increased confidence and ownership of digital strategy across all channels. They’re collaborative, work effectively in teams and are better connected within their organisations and the wider industry. Graduates put digital capability at the heart of their organisations because they can:

  • Evaluate the relationship between digital innovations and changing consumer behaviour, and communicate how this relationship will evolve in the future
  • Propose how an organisation can build an effective digital-first presence that drives consumer engagement and long/short term objectives
  • Design digital-first marketing strategies that utilise various technologies across the entire customer journey
  • Advocate ways to drive organisational change by bringing together skills in digital strategy and leadership

What is the next step?

When your business joins Squared Online, you’ll have a dedicated account management and student support team as well as regular reporting on student progression and results.

Squared Online is a global product, but it can also be customised.

Join Squared Online to upskill your team, transform your digital strategy, retain your brightest talent and deliver results that make an impact. Talk to our team about this opportunity today.

What do I need to know?


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5 months

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Three things to check before you take a course

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