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PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner Bundle – With Free AgilePM Foundation Training Course



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What will I learn?


Project Management is a competitive field, and if you want to stand out among your peers then you should be in possession of the most up to date and globally recognised certifications. These fully accredited courses give you the opportunity to obtain the revered PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certifications and includes the AgilePM Foundation course for free.

PRINCE2 Project Management is focused on maintaining control over all aspects of a project, to ensure that all targets are reached for time, cost and quality upon completion of the project. This responsibility lies with the Project Manager, as does planning, managing and properly closing the project in accordance with the PRINCE2 method.

The training videos and additional learning materials in this bundle will ensure that you have the knowledge you need to successfully pass the PRINCE22017 exams, as well as the AgilePM Foundation exam.


PRINCE2 is a globally adopted best practice Project Management methodology and is widely used by organisations in the private and public sectors in the UK, with many organisations considering it a minimum requirement for any Project Management role.

In May 2017 AXELOS released a revised version of their widely acclaimed PRINCE2 guidance – the first new edition to be released since 2009. Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE22017 Edition takes into consideration the valuable feedback provided by senior level PRINCE2 Project Managers who have successfully implemented the method and the changes made to how businesses operate since the last edition was released. These features, along with a renewed focus on the themes, principles and processes of PRINCE2, combined with the successful and solid foundations laid out by the previous edition.

Project Managers who possess a broad scope of knowledge and skills in regards to Project Management are eligible for increased earning potential – make sure you qualify for this by gaining the full PRINCE2 certifications and the AgilePM certifications that this course prepares you for.

This bundle provides:

  • 24 hours of learning material
  • 37 modules
  • Unlimited access to all learning and practice materials for 12 months
  • 200 practice questions interspersed with the videos to test your comprehension
  • Downloadable sample examination papers
  • Downloadable syllabus documentation
  • Recruitment package which guides you in perfecting your CV and preparing you for interviews
  • This bundle qualifies you for a NUS Extra Student Card
  • Student support to assist you with any questions you have

What you will learn

From PRINCE2 Foundation you will learn:

  • The 7 themes that should always be in place during a project
  • The 7 principles and that guide the project
  • The 7 processes that structure a project’s progression
  • The terminology used in PRINCE2
  • The management products and how they are used
  • The tolerances that a project must adhere to

PRINCE2 Practitioner will show you:

  • How the PRINCE2 method can be tailored
  • How to practically apply the method
  • A closer look at the themes, principles and processes
  • How the themes and principles impact one another

AgilePM Foundation will teach you:

  • What constitutes an Agile project
  • The DSDM philosophy
  • The 8 principles of AgilePM
  • The 4 primary project variables and their importance
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Instrumental success factors

What do I need to know?

This course bundle has no formal requirements.

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Total time for completion

12 months

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