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MS Office 2013-New Features (German)

eTrain London


What will I learn?

Avoid the confusion and costly drop in productivity that is traditionally associated with a new version of Microsoft Office by investing in the MS Office 2013 – New Features course. This course acts as a quick-start guide, telling students where to find each new function, and highlight the differences of which they need to be aware without the usual experimentation that an unfamiliar interface demands. Designed to be simple and accessible, this course is best suited to: Existing users of Microsoft Office who are about to upgrade to the new 2013 release, Users who have already upgraded to Office 2013 but who are struggling to adjust to the new system and are struggling to be fully productive, Technical support engineers who will need to help their users adjust to the new version following a network-wide upgrade, Super users who will be helping their colleagues adjust to the new version of Office. The MS Office 2013 – New Features course uses a combination of interactive examples and instructor-led videos to communicate key concepts and ideas. The course is available for access anyplace anytime using our online learning platform. A series of practical exercises will help students familiarise themselves with the new features and functions of Office 2013, and provide a visual indicator of their progress. Students taking the MS Office 2013 – New Features course can also ask other course participants for help and guidance using our social networking platform. At the end of this course students will be fully aware of the new functions included in Office 2013 and how to use them properly to become more productive.

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