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Joomla Masterclass Online

Computer Graphics Training


What will I learn?

Already have a Joomla based website and want to learn more about enhancing, adding functionality, improving search results and all the usual maintenance tasks that are essential to getting a good page rank and MAINTAINING IT?

Topics on this Joomla Masterclass course can include:

  • How to Evaluate Your Own Site and Make Improvements;
  • Adding Tempates and Customising;
  • Optimising Content for Organic Searches;
  • Choosing and installing Extensions to enhance functionality;
  • Updating;
  • Problem Solving, Troubleshooting;
  • Working effectively with social media;
  • And more...

Because every website is different (and should be), this training course is offered as a bespoke tailored course either live online or as a workshop style class only and the focus of the sessions would be to enhance and improve your own website.

We also include a free (worth £150) website audit to help you immediately start optimising and improving your search results with search engines.

Go beyond the Joomla basics and learn how to use, install and customise templates, add plugins and choose components (extensions) to add functionality.

What do I need to know?

This course is suited for those who already have a Joomla site and are familiar with the administrative back-end. It is ideal for those wishing to improve on their existing skills, explore beyond the basics and to increase the functionality of their website and help improve their search engine rankings. If you wish to take the live online version of this course you will need a telephone/Skype connection and to download a piece of free meeting software. With our live online courses you agree in advance with your dedicated trainer on what dates and at what times you want the training, so the course can be broken down into hourly/ two- hourly sessions, if required. Great, for those who cannot spare the time to undertake a full day's training in one go.

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Certificate of Attendance/Completion/Achievement (no assessment element)

Study Hours

Variable - to suit the learner

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Total time for completion

No time limit

More info on price

From £180 inc VAT for 2 hours bespoke one to one live online training; thereafter £90 inc. VAT per additional hour. Full course £588 inc. VAT.

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Learn Professional Skills from Industry Experts Your creativity has the power to transform, improve, and revolutionize.  Whether you imagine creating tomorrow's branding or web design, video and audio production or special effects, Computer Graphics Training can help you turn your talent and energy into a career that lets you help shape the future. Computer Graphics Training  offers tutor-led, creative skills  training courses  for the creative, media and design industries, as well as for those SME's wishing to produce professional looking marketing material for web and print. Our creative skills training courses are delivered by experienced tutors in our air-conditioned training

Three things to check before you take a course

Three things to check before you take a course

Great! You've found a course. Still have a few questions? Here are the top three things you should ask the course provider before booking:

  1. What will I be able to do when I've completed the course?
  2. Do I need any previous experience or qualifications to take this course?
  3. Will I need any special equipment or clothing in order to complete it?

They'll also be able to help you with questions around payment plans, flexible learning, start dates and more.

Click the green 'GET COURSE INFO' button to get in touch with the them directly.