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Job Skills Package Online Training Course



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What will I learn?

Be the candidate potential employers are fighting over with our fantastic Jobs Skills Package that will teach you absolutely everything you need to know to craft the perfect CV and shine in the pressured environments of interviews and assessment centres. Our package also includes career-boosting guides to increasing confidence, mastering public speaking and finding your true purpose in the world of work. There’s also a whole section devoted to graduate interview skills, executive interview skills and leaving the public sector, meaning no matter what stage your career is at, there’s something to suit your unique needs. You’ll also get 4 timesaving CV and covering letter templates.

How Does It Work?

As soon as you invest in your future success by signing up for this package, you’ll receive a username and password that means you can practice your job winning skills anywhere you want, 24 hours a day, for the 12 months your package lasts for. You can challenge yourself with our online simulations of real tests or print PDF versions to use offline. And when that interview’s looming you can go back and watch the content as often as you need to be calm, confident and interview ready.

Who Put The Package Together?

Our comprehensive package, delivered by a team of over 100 experts, is the result of 10 years of research into success. Our videos contain all the insider secrets and practical answers to problems that will get your CV to the top of the shortlist and ultimately bag you that coveted job offer. We’ve been featured by the BBC and The Daily Mail and come recommended by top recruitment agencies Reed, Total Jobs and more.

Key Learning Points

Master everything you need to do to get that job from creating the perfect CV to acing that interview.

  • In Top CV Secrets find out how to ensure your CV gets you an interview every time.
  • Move on to 207 Interview Techniques where you’ll learn how to sail through interviews with confidence.
  • 135 Interview Answers preps you through all the tricky questions recruiters throw in to try and catch you out.
  • In Executive Interview Skills learn how to prove your abilities as a confident leader and decision maker in this incredibly competitive market.
  • In What Not To Say In An Interview you’ll get to giggle along safe in the knowledge that you won’t drop any of these clangers!
  • Boost Your Confidence teaches you techniques to remain calm and in control even when you’re out of your comfort zone.
  • In Brilliant Public Speaking, you’ll learn to master this empowering and inspiring work and life skill.
  • Assessment Centres guides you through everything you need to succeed in these latter-stage recruitment days that often include tricky role-play situations.
  • In Graduate Interview Skills learn how to make that sometimes difficult transition from student to professional with advice from recruiters including John Lewis and KPMG.
  • Life doesn’t always go to plan, and Surviving Redundancy guides you through turning the initial trauma into a springboard for future success.
  • Leaving The Public Sector is great for people keen to use their transferable skills in the sometimes more competitive and fast-moving private sector.
  • Finally in Finding Your Purpose, identify what you really love, then start planning how to get paid for it!

Course Detail

  • Online Course Access : 1 Year
  • Compatibility : Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android
  • Exams Included : No

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Learning247 is the new website for CareerVision Training Ltd. CareerVision was established in 1997 and has grown to become one of the UK's leading providers of Online Distance Learning & DVD Computer-Based Training Courses. Our portfolio consists of over 1000 Distance Learning Courses for IT Certification Training, CAD Training, Project Management, Web Design, Graphics Training, Soft Skills Training and computer software tutorials for just about any software application you can think of. At Learning247 we believe there is a fast effective way to teach people how to use their software. How? By bringing professional trainers to your desktop via Multimedia, Interactive Online & DVD video-based tutorials. Most of our IT

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