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How to Carry Out a Fire Risk Assessment

eTrain London


What will I learn?

Learn how to carry out a fire risk assessment in the workplace, and develop knowledge and understanding of fire safety regulations that can be practically applied in a workplace setting. This course is aimed at those who have already successfully completed the 'How to Carry Out a Risk Assessment' module. It provides the essentials of understanding and recognising the need of conducting a fire risk assessment in the workplace. A basic fire risk assessment comprises of: Identifying any potential risks or fire hazards, such as sources of ignition in the workplace, Identifying who may be at risk of personal injury as a result of a fire breaking out in the workplace, Evaluating and then reducing any identified risks and fire hazards, Recording any relevant findings, Creating an emergency plan and ensuring that all staff members are familiar with and able to follow procedure in the event of a fire being discovered or taking place in the workplace, Continue to systematically review fire protocol and safety procedures, and update elements where appropriate. Additional considerations include: Identifying fire detection and warning systems such as smoke detectors, and regularly checking them to ensure that they are functioning correctly, Identifying emergency routes and the location of fire exits in the workplace, Checking that there is adequate fire-fighting equipment in the workplace, such as fire extinguishers, Ensuring that an emergency fire evacuation plan is implemented, and that it is practiced so that all staff members are familiar with the procedure.

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