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What will I learn?

Develop and expand your knowledge and understanding of key historical events, people and societies, and learn how to ask relevant questions about the past.

Topics include:
Unit 1 - Germany between the wars
Unit 2 - The rise of the Nazis
Unit 3 - War and downfall
Unit 4 - Russia 1905-1917
Unit 5 - Russia and the Soviet Union 1917-1924
Unit 6 - Dictatorship in the USSR 1924-1953
Unit 7 - Soviet life in peace and war 1924-1953
Unit 8 - The changing nature of warfare 1919-1939
Unit 9 - War on land, sea and air 1939-1945
Unit 10 - New forms of conflict 1945-2011

What do I need to know?

No previous knowledge is required for this course.

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GCSE or equivalent

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Variable - to suit the learner

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No time limit

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Payment by instalments available.

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Three things to check before you take a course

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