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Health & Safety Career with NEBOSH



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What will I learn?

In every workplace there are health and safety risks. These range from work on electrical equipment, working at heights, operating heavy machinery to simpler issues such as the cleanliness and safety aspects of an office environment. The correct measures need to be put in place according to the applicable legislation to ensure that the workplace conforms to modern health and safety standards.

Implementing the applicable health and safety measures not only ensures that staff feel safe while at work, but it can it can save their organisation a significant amount of money and time in fines that would have to be paid if in breach of health and safety codes and in employee sick days.

Those who have already gained a certification may see their skills become outdated and they will need to brush up on their knowledge through an updated, more relevant certification.

The NEBOSH General Certificate is considered a must-have certification and the perfect stating place for those in the health and safety industry as it covers essential topics including managerial duties, conducting satisfactory risk assessments and investigating health and safety risks.

Learning Outcomes

The topics covered by the NEBOSH General Certificate fall across a broad spectrum of industries and includes the relevant legislation that will ensure that the workplace is, and continues to be a safe environment. Students will learn to carry out health and safety assessments and to create measures where there is an area of concern, as well as how to implement those measures.

During this course, students will learn the following:

  • Health and safety foundation
  • Hazards and risk control
  • Equipment hazards and control
  • Electrical, fire, chemical, biological, physical and psychological hazards and control

The topics that are covered during the course are:

  • Legal requirements for health and safety at work
  • Implementation of health and safety managements systems
  • Identification of workplace hazards
  • Methods of hazard control
  • Practical application of knowledge and understanding

Exam Details

Once you have completed the NEBOSH General Certificate, you will move on to the exam once you feel comfortable with the knowledge that you have gained. Below is an outline of the exam:

Exam Units

The exam will consist of 3 exam units, namely NGC1, GC2 & GC3, before gaining your official certification. These can be written in March, June, September and December each year.

Written Exam Papers

During the written exam, you will need to complete and pass two papers. Each paper has a duration of 2 hours (4 hours in total). The questions contained in the written paper exam will be in the format of 1 long answer and 10 short answers.

Written Exam Pass Mark

The minimum percentage needed to pass the NEBOSH National General Certificate written exam is 45 out of a possible 100 marks (45%).

Practical Exam Papers

To complete your practical exam paper, you will need to assess a workplace and write a report on your findings. These will include any health and safety issues that you observed, accompanied by any measures that can be taken to rectify them.

Practical Exam Pass Mark

In order to pass your practical exam, you will need to score 60 out of a possible 100 marks (60%)

Marking of NEBOSH exam papers

The core unit exam papers (NGC1 and GC2) will be marked by NEBOSH approved examiners. They will provide feedback on the two papers and will also supply you with an overall grade.

What do I need to know?

No Requirements.

Awarding Body

National Examination Board in Occupational Safety & Health

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Professional or Industry specific qualification

Study Hours

Variable - to suit the learner

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Total time for completion

12 months

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