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Graphic Design for Businesses Primer - Online

Computer Graphics Training


What will I learn?

This is not your typical run of the mill online course. Unlike other online courses, with CGT you get a dedicated industry experienced tutor who is watching your every move! So you get the benefits of one to one tuition broken down into hourly sessions to suit your commitments without having to leave the office.

CGT's Graphic Design for Businesses online course will provide you with an insight into and hands-on experience of using the software preferred by professional graphic designers to create brochures, leaflets, adverts and all types of documents. This is the ideal course for any business that wants to take control of their own marketing and produce professional- looking marketing material.

Targeted at SMEs, organisations and the third sector, CGT's new online Graphic Design for Businesses training courses are ideal for those who need to learn not only the essentials of the Adobe InDesign or Adobe Creative Suite/ Creative Cloud (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator) software but also gain the skills needed to design and produce quickly and cost-effectively documents for print or the web.

Graphic design principals covering colour, type format, paper selection and printing processes are provided with an overview of the process of design to delivery of the final product. Expert tips on techniques to enhance the final product are provided, together with budgetary and cost considerations discussed.

The first in a series of online courses, CGT's Graphic Design for Businesses is aimed at those businesses, organisations and the third sector, who want to take advantage of the benefits of one to one bespoke training but cannot necessarily afford for their staff to be out of the office or tied up with on site training for days at a time.

You can choose from a starter of just 2 hours (minimum) up to the full 12 hour online course. Ideal for those who require to master specific aspects of the software or gain a better understanding of, for example, the use of colour or need shortcut hints, tips and advice on how to improve the cost effectiveness of producing their own documents/publications.

All you need is the relevant software installed on your computer (Mac or PC), a telephone or Skype connection and to download a small free piece of software for screen sharing.

You take the course at a time to suit you by pre-arrangement with your designated tutor.

For further information and to receive a generic course outline, that can be adapted to your specific requirements, contact us TODAY.

This course is also offered offline with a tutor on a one2one basis. Due to the high level of interest in our bespoke online and offline versions of this course, CGT now also offers a 3 day version of this course, as an open scheduled course. Please see the separate listings for further details of these additional options or contact us direct for further information.

What do I need to know?

All you need is the relevant software installed on your computer (Mac or PC), a telephone or Skype connection and to download a small free piece of software for screen sharing.

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Certificate of Attendance/Completion/Achievement (no assessment element)

Study Hours

3 hours

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Total time for completion

Variable - to suit the learner

More info on price

£150 + VAT for 2 hours online training. Additional hours can be purchased at a cost of £75+ VAT per hour. Alternatively, the full 12 hour course can be purchased for £750 + VAT.

Who runs this course?



Learn Professional Skills from Industry Experts Your creativity has the power to transform, improve, and revolutionize.  Whether you imagine creating tomorrow's branding or web design, video and audio production or special effects, Computer Graphics Training can help you turn your talent and energy into a career that lets you help shape the future. Computer Graphics Training  offers tutor-led, creative skills  training courses  for the creative, media and design industries, as well as for those SME's wishing to produce professional looking marketing material for web and print. Our creative skills training courses are delivered by experienced tutors in our air-conditioned training

Three things to check before you take a course

Three things to check before you take a course

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