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Corporate Reception and BluePoint VMS Home Study

Reception Academy


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What will I learn?

You are eager to get into a front-facing role with regular office hours and would love to earn an excellent monthly salary? Why don’t you become a Corporate Receptionist?

Our Corporate Receptionist course has been designed to give you all the tools, confidence and skills to be successful in this new role. With extensive training and practice on BluePoint VMS, this course will boost your confidence and prepare you for your exciting future ahead.

Our long-distance courses are just as comprehensive as our classroom courses. You will receive two workbooks by post, attend online webinars, complete online course modules and assignments, use the software BluePoint VMS hands-on under the guidance of a qualified trainer and be able to watch supporting videos via our video streaming portal as and when needed.

You decide when you are ready to take your exam and there is no deadline. You will take the exam from the comfort of your home.

Spectacular achievements come with preparation. Get the skills you need for the life you want. Do not wait and take our life-changing course now!

What do I need to know?

In order for the software to work effectively on your device we need participants to have: Ideally, have a laptop or desktop. This software also runs on mobile phones and tablets. Your device must have a webcam and a microphone. These are simple USB add ons you can purchase at very low prices nowadays if your PC does not have these build in.

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A little bit about us Reception Academy was founded in 2008 with the main objective of providing companies with exceptionally skilled front line staff. Since offering our short classroom based courses to the general public in 2010, we have trained countless passionate students, wanting a change of career. With a high success rate of our graduates gaining employment after course completion, we have played a decisive role in improving the lives of committed individuals and made scores of dreams come true.

Three things to check before you take a course

Three things to check before you take a course

Great! You've found a course. Still have a few questions? Here are the top three things you should ask the course provider before booking:

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  2. Do I need any previous experience or qualifications to take this course?
  3. Will I need any special equipment or clothing in order to complete it?

They'll also be able to help you with questions around payment plans, flexible learning, start dates and more.

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