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Certificate in Property Finance and Investment

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors


What will I learn?

People are increasingly aware of the role that global financial markets play in our lives. But how does property fit into this picture? Where does it sit in relation to socks and bonds, and how is it sold and resold on the financial markets?

Understanding the principals behind property finance and investment can help property professionals to make more informed decisions. This course is designed to give you the fundamental knowledge you need, from making basic financial models to learning about different sources of financing.

This course is for practicing professionals in the real estate or finance industry. The course content assumes that you have a background in property, although you will not need any specific knowledge in property finance and funding before starting this course.

Module 1: Real Estate as an Investment
Module 2: Property Finance and Funding
Module 3: Accounting Principles and Procedures
Module 4: Corporate Finance
Module 5: Financial Modelling
Module 6: Investment Management
Module 7: Indirect Investment Vehicles
End of course Assessment

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What do I need to know?

You work in real estate and are progressing your career towards investment management You are a real estate consultant looking to expand your knowledge and skillset and enhance the value you bring to your clients You work in brokerage or finance and need a comprehensive understanding of property as a financial product

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Course Provider Diploma/Certificate/Award (this must include an assessed element)

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Who runs this course?



World's leading professional body for qualifications in land, property and construction RICS is professional, independent organisation with more than 118,000 qualified members and over 50,000 students and trainees in over 140 countries, established in the UK by Royal Charter. It is committed to setting and upholding the highest standards of excellence and integrity – providing impartial, authoritative advice affecting business and society. “RICS promotes and enforces the highest professional qualifications and standards in the development and management of land, property and construction. Our cutting edge training promises the consistent delivery of standards and brings confidence to the markets you serve.” Pierpaolo

Three things to check before you take a course

Three things to check before you take a course

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