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Adobe Creative Library



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What will I learn?

Overview of this Adobe Creative Library

Bundle description

The Adobe Creative Library was specifically designed for Graphic- and Web Designers who wish to validate their skills in using Adobe software, whether it be in print or digital media. This is the perfect starting point for a lucrative career in graphic design or as a starting block towards the creation of eye-catching images, logos, video editing and other graphics.

Adobe products contain the world’s leading software in graphic design and will help ensure that you are given the best possible start in gaining your internationally recognised certification from a world renowned software giant.

This Adobe Creative Library bundle contains over 170 courses that will suit not only well-versed Graphic Designers, but also beginner and intermediate courses suited to those that are just starting their careers or those that wish to gain a better understanding of graphic design.

What you will learn

  • Document creation
  • Develop interactive eLearning
  • Integration of PDF documents
  • Create, manage and publish websites
  • Document creation
  • Develop interactive eLearning
  • Integration of PDF documents
  • Create, manage and publish websites

Career Overview for Adobe Creative Library

Which course do I start with?

We recommend that, when starting your Adobe Creative Library studies, you begin with the Adobe Photoshop Extended: Essentials course as it is intended to teach graphic editing fundamentals which will serve as the basis for Graphic design work.

Prospective careers with the Adobe Creative Library

The Adobe Creative Library is suited for anyone looking to work in any of the following roles:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Senior Graphic Designer
  • Adobe Photoshop Designer
  • Adobe InDesign Designer
  • Adobe Flash Designer
  • Lead Designer

What do I need to know?


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Variable - to suit the learner

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Total time for completion

12 months

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