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Access to Higher Education Diploma (Social Science & Health) - Online

Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College


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What will I learn?

If you’re someone who wants to help improve the world and the quality of life experienced by ordinary people this Access to Higher Education Diploma (Social science and health) is designed to provide you with the chance to do so. It offers a wide range of topics around human society cultures and behaviour and how this impacts on our health. If you’ve always felt drawn to understand society better change the world and help others but you didn’t have the qualifications necessary to do a relevant degree this Access to Higher Education Diploma (Social science and health) will give you the chance to re-enter education or change direction. Ultimately you could find yourself working in the health and social care sector research or private enterprise. Most universities in the UK will accept Access to Higher Education Diplomas as an entry requirement though you should check this with individual establishments you would like to attend. In addition to the Access to Higher Education Diploma (Social science and health) most colleges and universities will require a minimum of GCSE grade C in English and Maths or an accepted equivalent. For this reason you will need this minimum requirement to start your Access to Higher Education Diploma (Social science and health). Modules for this course Module 1 Preparing to study Module 2 Academic writing skills Module 3 Preparing a written assignment Module 4 Independent research Module 5 The origins of the welfare state Module 6 Progressing to Higher Education Module 7 Approaches to health Module 8 Equality and diversity within health care Module 9 The history of the National Health Service Module 10 Contemporary health issues Module 11 The roles and responsibilities of health care professionals Module 12 Introduction to psychology Module 13 The Brain & nervous system Module 14 Introduction to cognitive psychology Module 15 Abnormal psychology Module 16 Introduction to Sociology Module 17 Sociology of h

What do I need to know?

Learners wishing to complete an Access to Higher Education Diploma need to have a GCSE in Maths and English or an appropriate equivalent qualification at level 2 or above and have the ultimate goal of studying a related degree at university. For a wide range of universities Access to Higher Education Diplomas fulfil part of their entry criteria on many of their courses. Access to Higher Education Diplomas are eligible to be used within the standard UCAS application process. Access to Higher Education Diplomas have historically been an effective way to help learners get places at their university and degree of choice. It is important potential learners should understand that each University will have their own set of admission criteria and that they only have a set number of places on each course. These admission criteria can change at any time at the university’s discretion and include but are not limited to the following: 1. Achievement of a set amount of credits at Merit or Distinction level. 2. Attendance and success at a face-to-face interview at the University. 3. Fulfilling a Universities proprietary literacy and numeracy standards and potentially passing an in-house assessment. 4. Completion of mandatory prescribed work placements work experience and potentially a sandwich year of paid work experience. 5. It is recommended that learners starting their Access to Higher Education Diploma have a GCSE Grade A-C in Maths and English (or equivalent Level 2 such as Functional Skills/Key Skills etc.) OR a full level 2 qualification in a related subject. These conditions form part of some universities entrance criteria. All learners studying for an Access to Higher Education Diploma must perform their own research to ensure their diploma is correctly specified. It is the learner's responsibility to ensure that the Diploma they are studying gives them the best possible chance of being accepted for a place on a course at their university o

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Open College Network West Midlands Region

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Access to Higher Education

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