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AAT Level 2 Accounting Basic Costing and Working Effectively in Finance

Training Link (Birmingham)


What will I learn?

This course consists of two units for which you will receive individual workbooks containing lessons, examples and activities. Assignments are accessible 24/7 online with instant marking enabling fast progression. Your allocated tutor will be on hand to answer any questions and guide you through the learning process. Extra lessons, examples and tests are available along with comprehensive exam preparation and practice ensuring you are confident and fully prepared for the exams.

Online Enhanced Learning Resources

There is no reduction whatsoever in the Learning Content, Outcomes and Qualifications with our Home Study Courses. In fact we have higher completion rates with our Bookkeeping and Accounts courses than classroom based providers.

Our printed materials and online resources significantly reduce the amount of time taken to complete courses simply by eliminating the time consuming elements such as waiting for assignments to be marked and questions to be answered by tutors. Many of our assignments are now taken online with instant marking and answers along with extra self-tests and examples. Added to this we have online e-books enabling you to access your content and take tests wherever you have an internet connection and a Student Services Department operational 7 days per week, you are able to progress smoothly and in your own time; no scheduled class times to work around or being held up waiting for answers and our Student Street community is yours to engage and share with fellow students 24/7.

The two units making up the final sections of ‘Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accounting’ are:

Elements of Costing (ELCO)

This unit introduces you to management accounting, you will learn how a business uses accounts to help them plan for the future and the different type of costs involved in running a business

Working Effectively in Accounting (WEAF)

This is the final unit for Level 2 covering working effectively and efficiently in an office environment and how to manage your workload. There is no standalone exam for this as it will be covered in the final Synoptic Assessment.

Foundation Synoptic Assessment (FSYA)

This is the final exam for Level 2 covering general topics and question from what has been learned in the five Level 2 Units.

What do I need to know?

Level 2 Bookkeeping transactions and Controls Level 2 Using Computerised Accounting Software

Awarding Body

Association of Accounting Technicians

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Professional or Industry specific qualification

Study Hours

Variable - to suit the learner

Study mode




Total time for completion

6 months

Who runs this course?



Training Link was launched in 1996 and has progressed to become one of the leading distance learning course providers for Bookkeeping and Accounts in the UK. From the beginning it was clear that the standard of materials and resources used throughout the distance learning industry were not effective or suitable for learning outside of the classroom. This is still the case with many distance learning providers as they choose to use off the shelf books and old fashioned processes and support procedures. Training Link are very proud to say that through continued development and investment it has been possible to develop the highest standard and quality study materials, lessons, activities, resources and support procedures to the extent of

Three things to check before you take a course

Three things to check before you take a course

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