College of Contract Management United Kingdom

College of Contract Management United Kingdom


It is a great opportunity to directly learn from a UK based College while you’re in your home country.

College of Contract Management in the United Kingdom guides you the right path to your career in the Construction Industry in a role, i.e. Quantity Surveyor, Commercial Manager, Cost Manager, for an attractive remuneration package from all over the world.

You can top-up to a BSc degree in a UK / New Zealand university after completion of our Advanced Diploma courses in Quantity Surveying/Cost Engineering in 18 months.

Further, it is a great opportunity today if you would like to become a Citizen/ Permanent Resident of New Zealand. Today Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the Middle East and other countries are actively seeking Quantity Surveyors or Cost Engineers from overseas to maximise the income and mitigate the commercial risk of construction projects. It is fully office based job so it can lead to a fantastic professional career for men and women. The initial salary range for Quantity Surveyor or Cost Engineer may $60,000 - $80,000 per annum. Qualifications such as the Advanced Diploma in Quantity Surveying or Cost Engineering credential are considered a bonus.

The College is offering following opportunities;

1. It is a standard course through 'Online Attendance';
2. You can learn whilst you are working;
3. Assist you to get admission and visa to your bachelor programme in New Zealand or the UK and also guide to follow it without financial burdens;
4. Guide for your long term settlement plan.

Now, more than ever, making the right decisions about learning is too important to leave to chance, because it is essential to personal and economic wellbeing. The worldwide economic growth in the Construction Industry demands even higher-level skills. It is the right choice of your future in the Construction Ind

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College of Contract Management United Kingdom courses

College of Contract Management United Kingdom

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