The Wine Notary

The Wine Notary

Born in Milan from Venetian parents, Lorenzo Barichella is an Italian sommelier of AIS (Italian Sommelier Association) and the founder of “THE WINE NOTARY©” which is a company which provides training and selection of wines all over the world and “DiVino Sapere©” which is an independent Italian wine tasting school.
After having graduated at AIS many years ago and having worked with wines with great enjoyment, he has always preferred to interact with the audience by developing a simple teaching method and an extremely easy wine tasting system.
This system is now available in English through this manual which represents a very quick and innovative way to become a real wine taster in a very short time.

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The Wine Notary

"Wine tasting Essentials" is a complete and easy video-course that will allow you to become a real wine taster in a very short time. The course is so effective thanks to an accurate and detailed synthesis of all the fundamentals. Only...




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