Steve Hindmarsh Limited

Steve Hindmarsh Limited

UK and European specialists in workplace mediation training, mediation services and conflict resolution.

Steve Hindmarsh is one of the UK’s leading mediation trainers with fourteen years experience of mediating and training accredited mediators.

Steve has trained over 1,600 people in skills to mediate or resolve conflict. Delivering mediation courses to over 100 organisations in UK and Europe; including BBC, Serco, UCL, Plan Interational, DVLA, EUMETSAT, NHS trusts, prisons, fire services and police forces. He has trained accredited mediator teams for over 40 in-house mediation services. Steve coaches and develops new mediation trainers.

All our associates offer the expertise and experience that comes of a minimum of ten years mediating and training mediators. Our practitioners carry active mediation case loads. All have a commitment to CPD and each have their own particular specialism. All our trainers have a qualification in learning or training.

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Steve Hindmarsh Limited courses

Steve Hindmarsh Limited

Acquire skills and techniques from your screen. This rich, insightful session is for experienced people managers & HR professionals who are already informally mediating and have no previous mediation training. The course covers common...

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