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Given the economic crises, lack of employment opportunities and redundancies across the globe, we at Serene Education have been able to offer individuals from all ages, race and religion, the opportunity to create long term security for themselves and their families through professional education on how to trade the world largest market – Foreign Exchange.

Our trainers at Serene Education do not hide behind silly sales suits – they practice what they teach day in and day out so you are guaranteed to be taught to trade like a professional by one.

Serene Education offers numerous different training programs that have been put together specifically with the student in mind. Decide whether you would like to create a second income, replace your current income or create a business from Forex – a business you can operate anywhere around the world.

Fancy living with a Professional Trader for 2 days and 2 nights? Imagine how much you could learn! You won’t find training like this offered anywhere around the globe but Serene Education will prove to you that there is no organisation like it! After course support is the best in the business. You won’t ever feel alone once you have completed a course. Your trainer will be on hand to help you along your journey!

Why not go the full hog with Serene Education's 365 day training program to take you from zero to hero over this years period!

Or even try our online training program, Forex Made Ezze, that you can complete in the comfort of your own home in your own time, along with the help and support of professional traders to answer all your questions.

This is a skill that once mastered, you have it for life! No matter what happens in the economy, you won’t need to worry as you will still be able to make an income and have financial security. Don’t wait until it’s too late – start learning now!

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Serene Education Ltd courses

Serene Education Ltd

We’ve pulled together the best instruction we’ve ever given in our local classes. We’ve re-written the manual so it makes sense to anyone sitting in their easy chair. We’ve also recorded many DVD’s so that you can go over anything you...




Serene Education Ltd

After seeing so many people failing to become professionals in the industry, our traders conducted some research into the reasons why. The conclusion was simple. Training courses lasting one or two days, piled into large classes of wannabe...




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