Perfecting You Training Academy

Perfecting You Training Academy

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Perfecting You Training Academy strives to give all of their students the necessary skills that they need to begin using the information provided straight away, whether that is on clients or for your own personal wardrobe. The courses provide excellent information on all aspects of colour analysis, from core skills required for a client consultation to where to source equipment and how to deal with 'tricky' customers.
The courses are run by a qualified teacher who understands that students learn best when they are interested, inspired and above all, active. You will be given plenty of hands on activities to do to ensure that the classes are as interactive as possible.

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Perfecting You Training Academy courses

Perfecting You Training Academy

If you are interested in personal styling and have an eye for colour, then this course is for you. Whether you would like to do this course to improve your own personal choice of colour, or to enhance or begin your own personal styling...




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