Oriental Skye

Oriental Skye

A native Mandarin speaker, I have studied and worked in both China and the UK. I'm familiar with the challenges faced by language and cultural barriers.

Having worked as a bilingual journalist, writer and translator for nearly two decades, I understand the barriers concerning the learning and use of a foreign language.

I have previous experience working as a sustainability professional, and worked in business strategy and management, with a rich experience in cross-cultural communications.

The main reason for my career transition from a journalist, then an environmentalist to a language tutor is the great joy and passion I have found in language education through my hands-on efforts in teaching my kid Chinese and raising her bilingually.

I have thus established a family-run business and created a website with a special focus on offering Mandarin language training for learners of all ages & helping people better understand Chinese culture.

Our business website has become very popular among both Chinese and westerners. This is partly because we post articles and blog regularly to share our insights concerning the most effective ways to learn Mandarin Chinese. In particular, we explain Chinese language and culture, through photos and videos taken over several years, idioms, festivals, customs, tourist attractions and some home recipes of Chinese food.

I look forward to making friends with people like you, who are interested not only in studying the standard Chinese language but also learning more about the Middle Kingdom. I hope our resourceful website, language club plus teaching expertise will help my potential students set out on an enjoyable journey to explore the oriental culture.

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    Oriental Skye offers private Mandarin Chinese lessons to chidren of all ages as well as adults.  By choosing Oriental Skye students will learn to speak and understand Mandarin Chinese in a fun, engaging, and inspiring way. ...

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