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NLP World started out with a vision for NLP Training and development within the UK. Wanting to get away from usual money grabbing, churn-mill ethics to something a little more intimate; something that integrated the trainings on an individual level, as well as being technically sound. Our ambition, to create a network of people rather than seeing participants as disposable commodities, is bearing fruit.

Why train with us?

We are Industry Leading Trainers of NLP, Time-Based Techniques, Hypnotherapy & Coaching.

We offer the highest quality NLP course at very competitive rates. We also offer a fast track approach to training which means that you can cut down the number of training room hours. We combine this with a comprehensive pre-course home study pack, with a memory stick containing mp3s and studio sessions in the standard package (or specially designed audio CDs and DVDs containing information, theory and demonstrations of techniques). Coupled with the intimate style that NLP World run their trainings, with the delegates own intentions and goals in mind, means that delegates complete our NLP training with knowledge and confidence greater than most people who attend longer training’s. We run bespoke business NLP trainings as well as the standard NLP Practitioner Training (duration 7 or 4 days), and the Master Practitioner Training (modular 3 x 4 days plus two days out of the training environment).

We also work with small group sizes. Our training’s are limited to 14 people which means that you will always receive personal attention from the trainer and also be closely monitored and supervised throughout the training. We have 1 assistant to every 3/4 participants, increasing your contact to the materials and concepts being put before you.

We also offer a unique continual learning and support programme. After our training’s, we invite you to stay in touch and ask your NLP related questions. We have a seminar prog

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