Magenta Sky Design and Printmaking

Magenta Sky Design and Printmaking

Magenta Sky Art and Crafts was formed in 2003 by artist Susan Yeates to provide a variety of art courses and workshop to adults of all levels and abilities.

We just love making ‘stuff’ and have expanded from teaching printmaking techniques to textiles, crafts and other creative projects! Sharing our knowledge, ideas and motivating others to be creative is what we are all about.

At Magenta Sky, we gain inspiration from a huge variety of sources… the world at large, fabric shops, exhibitions, car boot sales, photographs, other artists, magazines, books, people and places. Sometimes even a word or phrase will give us new inspiration for a piece of textiles to make, a print to produce or a workshop to teach!

In 2015 we have updated our flagship Introduction to Printmaking Course to a NEW Online Distance Learning course including demonstration videos - suitable for students all across the UK and the world!

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    Magenta Sky Design and Printmaking courses

    Magenta Sky Design and Printmaking

    Introduction to Printmaking is a complete distance learning programme based upon popular printmaking workshops and classes. This is delivered via an online learning portal and includes practical demonstration videos as well as downloadable...




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