Ishtar belly dance

Ishtar belly dance

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Psychology and Consciousness Courses , Spiritual Dance Classes and Workshops

Ishtar’s Goddess Belly dance classes teach Sensual dance to nourish mind, body and soul. Ishtar has had many TV and radio appearances over the years and has always been an evangelical advocate of the fitness benefits of dance.

Ishtar’s has an MSc in Consciousness Spirituality and Transpersonal psychology, where she completed a dissertation on spiritual dance. Ishtar has BA in Psychology and Women’s’ Studies, and professional qualifications in teaching adults and Holistic therapies.

Ishtar has been published in many journals on a variety of subjects including healing dance, shamanism and feminine spirituality. Her courses on Psychology of Self, Shamanism and Divine Feminine Spirituality are published by the international correspondence school,-The British School of Yoga.

Ishtar’s grandparents were professional world class dancers performing and running a dance school together .Ishtar learnt her first dance steps from her grandmother. Ishtar’s artist father also taught dance on cruise ships.

Ishtar has been teaching belly dance consistently for over fifteen years-she teaches complete beginners to performers. In the flesh or Online (a million hits on youtube) Ishtar has sharing the lovely and healing art form of Bellydance with all different types of women and girls. Her classes are warm and friendly,- packed with a variety of dance information, fitness benefits, body sculpting effects,social experiences and performance opportunities.(for those who want them).

Ishtar’s unique programme involves yoga and other Eastern movement/energysystems Mixed with belly dance this system will bring improvements in weight loss, posture, stamina, flexibility and confidence. In belly-dance classes you can be part of a community ,which improves feelings of well-being. Physical movement is essential to health and happiness. For many

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Ishtar belly dance courses

Ishtar belly dance

Learn or improve your dance with Ishtar. These sessions are suitbale for beginners to advanced students. Bellydance/Bollwood/unique choreography/ Individual lesson/discussion/feedback.




Ishtar belly dance

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Ishtar belly dance

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