Audio Masterclass

Audio Masterclass

The Audio Masterclass Music Production and Sound Engineering Online Course

Not getting professional sounding recordings yet? We'll show you how to get started, how to make clean and strong recordings, and how to mix and master like a pro. We'll take you step by step from audio basics, through microphone selection and technique, all the way to the final mix and master, with clear step-by-step demonstration and instruction.

We'll give you audio examples and video showing clearly what to do, and what not to do, to get pro results. We'll give you constructive advice to help you improve quickly. You can follow the Audio Masterclass course at home and online. You don't have to attend campus or work at set times. You can fit the Audio Masterclass course around your job and other activities. Enrollment is valid for two years so you have plenty of time to complete.

From keen amateur to professional with Audio Masterclass

Do you love recording? Do you love it so much that you're not happy with the results you are getting? We don't know you yet, but you probably already have a home studio setup and you've made quite a few recordings.

Making a recording isn't so difficult. Making a recording that sounds professional is another matter altogether - there's a lot to know, a lot of skill to acquire and experience to gain.

That's where Audio Masterclass can help. We have been helping people learn how to get the best from their home recording studio equipment online since 2001 - that's ten years of online experience, and our offline experience in audio education goes back way further than that.

If you already realize that your recordings are not yet quite up to professional standards, then you are in an excellent place to make fast progress.

You don't need another preamp or plug-in. You don't need another audio mag full of manufacturers' adverts. What you need is concise and correct knowledge, cle

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Audio Masterclass

The Audio Masterclass Music Production and Sound Engineering course is delivered to you online in twelve modules with knowledge content, audio examples, practical assignment projects and supplementary video content. Knowledge Content ...




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