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DPSI Online is a registered course provider for the Chartered Institute of Linguists.

Helena is a DPSI qualified Interpreter with over 10 years experience. She has been teaching the DPSI preparatory course since 2000 and training interpreters registered with the Home Office since 2002.

She took the DPSI Portuguese/English Law and Diploma in Translation English <> Portuguese through the IOL. She is a qualified Paralegal / Legal Secretary through LAS, and she worked as a legal secretary for several years in Portugal.

She is also a Freelance Translator English <> Portuguese (Legal, Technical & General fields), a telephone interpreter, Police & Court Interpreter in the South East, Interpreter Trainer for the Home Office, Language Assessor, DPSI Tutor (Law and Health Options) and she is the author & publisher of the Glossary for Public Service Interpreters.

She is a native Portuguese speaker living in the UK, who started travelling from a very young age. Her travels and cultural experiences have awakened the importance of language and communication as a link between different societies.

As she carried on travelling, Helena has learnt how valuable and important languages are in order to share her knowledge with others and to learn from their valuable experiences.

Helena believes that we should never stop learning and exploring more from what the world has to offer. Therefore she has also learnt French, Spanish, Italian, and some Arabic to get by in the world. She invites you to take advantage not only from her academic knowledge but also the knowledge she has acquired from the never ending resources of the University of Life.

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Objectives of the Course: Teach you translation skills and improve your research skills. Give you time with a dedicated language tutor who will mark your work according to the NFQ Level 7. Give you detailed feedback on Skype to...




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