Silver Moon Reiki Training

Silver Moon Reiki Training

I began teaching Reiki in 2004 at venues in Leicestershire, Kent and Sussex, as well as running a number of Reiki retreats in Spain, Egypt and Glastonbury. Consequently I’ve had the pleasure of teaching Reiki to many students!

My courses include Reiki First and Second Degrees and also Reiki Master / Teacher.

Giving empowerments is always special, and meditating as a group can be both powerful and profound. I love teaching people to work intuitively when carrying out treatments, it’s always fun to explore and push the boundaries of what my students think is possible with the energy. It’s my belief that we never stop learning, and Reiki will give us what we need to move forward and grow.

I’m fascinated by esoteric subjects, working for many years with astrology, tarot and the I Ching and I have a life-long passion for ancient Egypt too, exploring ancient sites whenever I can get away. I love to read, especially books about healing, crystals, energy work and so on. I also love dogs and have two rescue dogs who keep me on my toes!

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Silver Moon Reiki Training courses

Silver Moon Reiki Training

How would you like to learn a skill which can provide you with an OFF BUTTON FOR LIFE'S STRESSES AND STRAINS? If you don't have a GREAT method of RELAXING AND CHILLING OUT, life can feel like an uphill struggle with no relief in...

Longfield, Kent

Silver Moon Reiki Training

Reiki Second Degree, or "Okuden" is the second stage of your journey of discovery with Reiki. It comprises of a one day live course with Reiki Master / Teacher Louise Heseltine, which enables you to use Reiki not just for yourself, friends...

Gravesend, Kent

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