Lionheart Training

Lionheart Training

Lionheart Training was established in the mid-90’s to provide quality hypnotherapy training courses in a wide range of specific aspects of training.

As a training organisation we aim to offer all our courses at affordable prices and although most courses take place in Yorkshire we do also travel to venues around the UK.

Our courses are attended not only by Hypnotherapists but also Counsellors, Therapists and health care professionals from other disciplines as well as members of the public aiming to start a new career as a Hypnotherapist by completing our highly rated Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training Course.

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Lionheart Training courses

Lionheart Training

Each webinar is designed to help Hypnotherapists to become more successful. Each webinar comes with a free training video of a therapy technique. We begin the webinar by looking at a therapy technique and giving directions about it. Then...




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