Linkword Languages

Linkword Languages

Linkword Languages publishes language courses developed by Dr Michael Gruneberg, an internationally recognised expert in learning methods.

The courses use a large number of memory enhancing principles, including the method of association, to increase the speed of learning and to increase the amount of memory of what has been learned. Unlike the great majority of language courses available for sale, independent research has shown that compared to normal learning methods, the underlying method of association used in the courses is up to 3 times faster.

Courses are published in:

French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Dutch, Welsh, Japanese, Chinese and Hebrew.

Linkword language courses were born out of published evidence from a number of studies of the effectiveness of the method of association (otherwise known as the keyword or Linkword method) in vocabulary learning.

In first major study by Raugh and Atkinson in 1975, they found that for a list of 60 Spanish words retention was 28% for those not using the method of association, but 88% when the method was used.

In other words the method of association, the method used in linkword courses, was THREE TIMES FASTER THAN CONVENTIONAL METHODS. (A similar speed of learning effect was found in a case study at Thomson Holidays reported to the Financial Times (see Below). Since then, the method has been found in over 60 studies to enhance vocabulary learning, with only a small handful of studies failing to find an effect..

The method has been shown to be highly effective for CHILDREN, for the ELDERLY and for POOR as well as GOOD language learners.
What Is Unique About Linkword Courses

Of course there is much more to learning a language than learning vocabulary. Early studies by Dr Gruneberg found that while the method of association was very effective for vocabularies of 200 or so words, learners eventually wante

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Linkword Languages courses

Linkword Languages

The Linkword Complete Course: Levels 1-4 teaches an extensive vocabulary, and grammar up to GCSE level. The Linkword method is up to 3 times faster than normal learning methods. * You are taught an extensive vocabulary, simple step by...




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