KAZ Type Limited

KAZ Type Limited

Touch typing - a 'life skill' that makes a difference.

KAZ (Keyboarding A to Z) is a professional accelerated learning typing tutor, especially designed to teach typing skills easily, efficiently and effectively. Suitable for ages 6+, it is the typing tutor of choice in hundreds of schools, colleges, universities and businesses around the world.

With it’s high quality HTML5 interactive multimedia training (with text or audio instruction), KAZ Typing Tutor is also Special Needs Enabled and is widely used by dyslexic students.

Developed by the same course team of experts responsible for producing over 55 RSA/NVQ level computer and office skills courses, KAZ's accelerated learning teaching method has dramatically reduced the time and increased the enjoyment associated with learning to touch type. It is the ideal choice where time is limited, fast results needed and where maintaining student interest and motivation is vital.

Typically, the course takes just 90 minutes to teach the A-Z keys and around 4 hours to cover the complete keyboard. Learning can be split into sessions and students can learn to type at their own pace, gaining speed and accuracy without even realising it. Practice is advised in small bursts using KAZ SpeedBuilder.

Where most typing tutors are based on old learning methods with boring typing drills and dozens of exercises, the unique and revolutionary KAZ method is based on specific combinations and progressions of just 11 words in 5 scientifically structured and trademarked phrases.

With an estimated one million users worldwide, KAZ is widely used in educational and business establishments and by individual users around the world. Hundreds of thousands of Open University and LearnDirect students have also benefited from learning with KAZ.

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    KAZ Type Limited

    An incredibly fast and easy professional typing tutor that teaches the A-Z keys in an average of just 90 minutes! Introduction: In today's world of computers and technology, it has never been more essential to learn how to type....




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