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The team at Career Changes has many years experience in recruitment, human resource, talent management, learning and development. We have recruited people from graduates through to director level for a wide range of organisations including blue-chip, SME’s and not for profit organisations.

We have designed and run assessment centres, delivered competency based interviews and understand what recruiters are looking for from a CV, the interview process and specific exercises designed to bring out key talents. We have helped organisations attract new talent and individuals to identify their strengths and develop their careers.

We aim to provide an efficient, professional, confidential and friendly service. We also take a personal interest in you and your career, aiming to help you achieve your career objectives.

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Career Changes

Interview Coaching : This is an exciting part of the job search process but interviews can be quite daunting, especially if you haven’t experienced one for a while. Preparation for the interview is necessary to ensure that...

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