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These one-to-one Technical Writing Courses are for individuals in business and industry who need to write excellent Manuals and software Help Guides, for any technology. This one-day session can improve your company's documentation standards across your entire customer base, for the rest of your career.

Who is the course for?

For Managers, Engineers, Programmers, Trainers, Technical Authors, IT Departments, Business Analysts, Administrators, Safety teams, Product Managers, Support teams, Project teams – in fact, anyone who writes User / Installation / Maintenance / Technical Manuals, Help Guides, Standard Operating Procedures, Work Instructions, etc.
Key Benefits
1. Understanding: Learn how to write so that the readers can understand more easily, in one reading, and get on with the job without making mistakes.

2. Increase your value to your customers: speed up their "learning curve", so that customers become productive more quickly.

3. Reduce your Support Calls. Companies have saved tens of thousands a month by producing correctly-written technical manuals and business procedures.

4. Learn from an experienced technical author. I teach what I practice, and practice what I teach. Many years of technical career experience are here to help you. As a full-time technical writer, I know what works best in practice. This training course is based on more than 20 years' experience of writing technical material for business. Added to this is practical feedback from my customers, plus study and wide research.

5. Hands-on, instructor-led courses: You're not left by yourself to learn from a computer screen for weeks on end. These courses are delivered to small groups of people onsite, which allows discussion, and demonstration of powerful examples of the techniques taught. (Individual one-to-one training available by arrangement.)

What you learn from our Technical Writing Courses:

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Authorgraphic Ltd courses

Authorgraphic Ltd

This course is designed for everyone who needs to produce clear, concise instructional information in the form of printed or on-screen documentation, whether for User Manuals, Procedures, Software Help Guides, training courses etc. This...

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