9P Marketing

9P Marketing

9PMarketing to meet your needs. Marketing Management is essential for all businesses but the need for help by SME managers is poorly catered for. In 1990 Alistair set out to change all that. 3 years development later, in partnership with the Training and Enterprise Council, with willing help from 400 owner-managers and with the benefit of early orders from Business Links, the 9PMarketing Toolkit was published by one of the most demanding and prestigious publishing houses in Britain – Heinemann, Oxford. Continuously kept contemporary, and benefiting from feed-back from around 6,000 clients nationwide, it is more effective than ever today.

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9P Marketing courses

9P Marketing

9P Marketing is a course; a process of instruction and application.  The objective is to turn your business into what you want it to be, to do what you want it to do.  The purpose of a business, with few exceptions, is to...




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