Inside Performance

Inside Performance

We want people to get the best out of themselves, the teams they're in and the individuals they work with - whether that's in Sport...Business...or Life.

Inside Performance is the leading NLP Training Company for Sport, and we're growing a considerable reputation for our Business NLP Courses too! We're based in Surrey, SW London but train people from all over the world, running programmes across Europe and also operating our International NLP for Sport Training programme which attracts professionals from places as diverse as Malta, Columbia, South Africa, USA, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden ...... if you can get a visa, you can attend!

We strongly believe that Social and Emotional Intelligence competencies play a key role in being successful, and as such we use training in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Performance Psychology to develop these essential aspects of human performance.

We work hard to ensure that 'we know our stuff' and as such, we all make sure that we keep up to date with new developments, both in the research world and most importantly, in the applied world too - after all, that's where 95% of our clients come from, so we think that's rather important!

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Inside Performance courses

Inside Performance

Are you searching for a course that focuses on the ‘hands on’ aspects of psychological performance? Do you want to increase your range of work into the mental skills area? Are you involved in working with players, athletes and teams...

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