Hypnotherapy Training College

Hypnotherapy Training College

The Hypnotherapy Training College is dedicated to high quality, practical, professional training in Curative Hypnotherapy.

Lectures, talks and handouts are all very well when dealing with facts or theories, but hypnotherapy deals with people! It is for this reason that our courses are experiential, practical, participatory experiences - providing you with full explanations, but also allowing you to see the tools, techniques and treatment itself in action and giving you the opportunity to put them into practice for yourself. With this level of practical tuition, you gain not just an understanding of how to apply the treatment, but experience and the confidence of knowing that you can successfully employ the techniques being taught, before going in to practice.

For many years Hypnotherapy has been an acceptable form of treatment for a wide variety of problems. Over more recent years, significant advances have been made in the understanding of how and why people create these problems and therefore reliance on symptom-based scripts and having to continually attend training sessions to learn additional ways of dealing with individual symptoms or people have become unnecessary. These advances have opened the door to the development of Lesserian Curative Hypnotherapy which, as its name implies, aims to allow the patient to live the life they wish for, entirely free from their symptom/condition.

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Hypnotherapy Training College courses

Hypnotherapy Training College

Introduction to Curative Hypnotherapy. The introduction to Curative Hypnotherapy is the first step towards becoming a qualified curative hypnotherapist. This is a distance-learning course providing an introduction to the subject of curative...




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