History Coins

History Coins

Love history? Use coin collecting to give you a tangible way to the past. We offer a beginners guide to this fascinating pastime called 'History Through Coin' and it is aimed at the novice collecter who is unsure as to their area of interest or what periods in history to concentrate on.

When you first start, every coin looks interesting and you want them all, but you will soon begin to be more selective with help and advice offered at History Coins.

We offer coins for sale on the web site as well as the beginners guide; we also buy coins and will authenticate and value those you already own.

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History Coins courses

History Coins

This study guide is for the new coin collector, for photographers interested in coins or anyone interested in history that enjoys artwork. The guide covers the history and art of coinage and how it's made. Predominanty, it is weighted...




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