Femaura Training

Femaura Training

Deaf people were facing many barriers within society, so Pam and Yi recognised a need for a Deaf-led Social Enterprise. The interpreting agencies in operation at the time were failing to meet the needs of Deaf people. From a Deaf perspective, it is vital that Deaf people stand up for their rights. With this in mind Femaura was created, a step forward to empowering Deaf people.

Once Femaura had been established, many requests were received for interpreters, deaf consultation and one to one BSL tuition. As a result of this, Femaura grew to what it is today. In 2009, following the expansion of Femaura, BSL courses were added to the many services already available.

From the onset, the BSL courses were very popular so they became the main focus of Femaura. In 2011, Femaura joined ABC Awards, offering BSL Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. With accreditation from OCN, Femaura also offer Human Rights, UN Convention and Deaf Way courses.

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Femaura Training courses

Femaura Training

A person who wish to learn British Sign Language via online in 10 hours sessions. A person can book a time during day or evening to learn British Sign Language. A teacher will be there to teach you and can answer any of your questions...




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