Diet Specialist

Diet Specialist

Diet Specialist was established following a recognition that many diets currently being followed, exploit one aspect of weight management to achieve quick results rather than taking a holistic and scientific view of nutrition. Many advisers provide private dietetic advice, however a minority have any qualifications in nutrition and even fewer are registered as dietitians.

The term Dietitian is protected by law and to become a dietitian, an individuals must have graduated from a three year BSc in dietetics as well as have at least 2 years clinical experience. This rigorous training ensures that registered dietitians provide thorough dietetic advice and the result is a diet that is more effective, with no malnutrition caused to the body. Slimmers also have a more satisfying experience, as they gain a deeper understanding of nutrition, rather than a temporary reduction in their weight.

At Diet Specialist, all our advisers are registered dietitians or trained nutritionists and it is this that makes Diet Specialist unique. Dietitians are the only nutrition professionals, that are clinically trained to work in hospitals. They are the experts in diagnosing and treating the most complex of dietary problems and are the only nutrition professional to be regulated by law, ensuring they work to the highest standards. We provide a comprehensive understanding of nutrition, transforming scientific principles into practical day to day techniques that help individuals develop a healthier diet and lifestyle. This is what ensures that you receive accurate advice.

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    Diet Specialist

    In this course you will gain a strong understanding of the role of nutrition in the human body by understanding each of the main food groups. You will learn about food and nutrients, healthy eating and obesity, influencing change and...




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