Klik2learn offers English learners something new and different. Our online intermediate ESOL course takes you on a journey round the UK while you improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. The ten modules have over 100 hours of learning and the 280 interactive activities cover all the topics you need for everyday life, work and study.
You'll have fun with the audio, animation, games and videos but there's some serious learning to be done - the course covers all the basics of English grammar and you get a specially written grammar guide. We know idioms and phrasal verbs are tricky so we've included them.
In fact we've added several useful tools to help you learn - a digital notebook, a recording/playback button and the Cambridge Learner's dictionary. It's all at your fingertips and you will never be stuck for the answers - we've built those in for you.
The Klik2learn course prepares you for any Level B1 exam - the level you need for British citizenship.

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    Do you need a language qualification? Klik2learn's interactive, multimedia course can fast track you to an SQA National 4 ESOL qualification or prepare you for any Level B1 / B2 exam. You can access the course on smartphone, tablet or...




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