Fast Learning School

Fast Learning School

Welcome to the London Suggestopedic Learning Centre.
The Fast Learning School is a learning centre based in London and provides you with the best training opportunities to improve your learning strategies.

We teach foreign languages and effective learning methods based on Suggestopedia principles: you have fun and learn 5-6 times faster through playful activities.

Suggestopedia is one of the few methodologies recommended by UNESCO as a most innovative and effective learning method. The learning process through suggestopedic method is up to 5-6 times faster.

Our aim is to make you self-efficient and to produce a real change in your learning habits.

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    Fast Learning School

    Italian lessons by Skype and Hangout. One-to-one lessons with qualified Italian teachers. Private tuitions designed on your needs. Learn Italian from home or wherever you are! LEARN FROM HOME Fast, easy, time saving: just...




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